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Welcome to our little boutique EBook web site. We designed this site to help you and your family to unwind, RELAX and to be able to spend more time together. When you come home, first download our little children’s EBook. This month we have a series called: “Who’s in David’s Yard”. This is both Audio and Visual. Then download the “Sports Newsletter”, for the sports enthusiast in your house. When you are ready to make a meal, download Chef Jack’s video. His video has step by step instructions and great ideas for your upcoming party or today’s meal.

The next upcoming ebook will be "Henry The Pig". The Who’s in David’s Yard” series will have more EBooks in the coming months that include: Ott the Cat, Mr. Humphrey, and many others. We will also have Teen EBooks like Vincenzo and Philippe. These two characters will take you on their adventures through Tuscany, Italy and Paris, France.

There will be many more surprises that are coming your way, in the months ahead.

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